About Kathy

Kathy lived in Paris for 16 years after growing up in the Midwest. She worked at The American University of Paris and Parsons School of Design-Paris while there.

Kathy has been creating art for more than 20 years, but she only recently decided to start selling professionally. 

She is an entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in brokering passive income commercial real estate (she still does); authoring books; designing & selling essential o

ils & organic products online with a matching podcast; coaches & mentors students in a private group for book arbitrage, and selling books online; and had a skincare line for 5 years (Sublime Beauty.)

At the heart of it all is art. She loves working in acrylic with pallet knive or brushes on canvas. She also creates work online; creates printable art found on Etsy; and created a number of abstract mosaics made for indoors or outdoors.

Social media:

Etsy Art Store (includes Printables not on this site)

Facebook Sublime Art on Etsy
Facebook Abstract Art
Facebook Paris & Europe Art (Impressionism)
Facebook Beach & Boat Art (coming soon)
YouTube channel coming soon

You can reach her at info@kathyheshelow.com

She lives in the St. Petersburg, Florida area with husband and pups.

You will find the canvas work by Kathy on this site. Typically orders take about 9-10 days to be received from the day the order is placed, except during high volume holidays.