Beautify Your Home and Change it Up Easily!

Whether we are spending more time at home thanks to the pandemic, or spending quality time at home after working or studying, there is nothing like the feeling of happiness with your environment.

Beautiful art, meaningful prints, paintings or canvas art in your areas of passion or hobbies can add so much to making your home special.

On the level of easy, inexpensive and fun we have typography prints.  These are cleanly designed words (typography) that are framed as you wish in the size you wish.  The work is by instant download in high resolution (printables). You can print and handle the art as you wish!

You love Paris - you might want some French words or phrases about Paris on your wall or shelf.   Perhaps music is everything to you. Phrases about music would be meaningful.   Do you want and need inspiration? Inspirational phrases like could go a long way.   Coffee lover?  How about things about coffee in your kitchen or breakfast nook?  We have all of these niches and more!

There are so many ideas and directions to make each room or special areas special!  Purchasing "PRINTABLES" means you are buying high resolution digital designs from the artist. You then can print the design yourself if you have a great printer and good paper, or better yet, use the file to upload to any online company that will print for you. 

You can have a design printed with frame and matte, or put onto wood or canvas.  If you are DIY person, you could have a nice print made and then frame it yourself!  So many companies have creative formats for your digital design!

Now for a larger more artistic canvas work, Sublime Art & Prints focuses on triptychs (3 panel canvases) that make a statement.  Our high quality canvases come ready to hang!  You can move the canvases closer together or farther apart for an artistic look, depending on the size of the room and wall.

I love to work in the areas of:

Beach art - I live in Florida near the beach and find it so beautiful, so relaxing and amazing. Bringing the beach into your home, even if you live no where near the beach, can be a joyful experience.  Sunrises, sunsets, various colors and styles await you - and we continue to add more.

Paris and European Cities - I lived in Paris for 16 years and love that city full of artistry and culture. I have a number of pieces in Paris, about Paris or related. And I also love and often travel to Italy and other cities to take in the history, architecture, day to day life and beauty. I bring various canvases to you.

Animals and Nature - I have a deep love of animals and nature - dogs, the big cats (time spent in Kenya is something I think of often!) and the great outdoors. I have written a number of books on essential oils and have studied the beautiful flowers and plants. I bring these passions to create pieces of art you might enjoy. I love to focus on a closeup or detail and bring that alive in a canvas!

All of our work is quality with customer service and care behind it.  All work is on Etsy and a selection is on the store here.

REACH OUT if you have questions or would like a certain piece in a different format or size, and I will see what can be done!

Kat Heshelow
Sublime Art & Prints / Art & Prints Sublime