All About My Printables (Digital Instant Download Art)

While most of the art I create is PAINTINGS ON CANVAS (and some photographs), I have also created a selection of Printable Art found on my Etsy store.

What is Printable art? It is art I have created which, when purchased, is given to you immediately in digital form (high resolution JPG, PDF).  You can download the files immediately and then CONTROL what exactly you will do with the art. 

You might have it printed on paper and framed.

You might have it produced on canvas.

You could produce it on wood, glass or other medium.

You can use numerous online and local companies that do this professionally, including your own local printers. Or if you have a good printer, you could even print at home. 


Printable art is a fun, inexpensive yet sophisticated way to change it up as often as you want AND control how you want the art to look.  You receive an instant digital download that with many sizes available.  Then use that digital file at ANY number of online digital print stores (from Shutterfly, CanvasWorld, Michaels, VistaPrint, and so many etc.) or local pickup stores (Walgreens, Michaels, Home Depot, your local printers).  If you have a good printer and paper, you could even print yourself.

My printable art comes in two categories:

  1. A) Typography or word art
  2. B) Photography or illustrations of high quality


You can choose to have the work framed inexpensively, or more expensively with matte borders. You can go small in a 5X7 frame for your desk or shelf, or much larger for wall art.

You could have your digital file uploaded to a canvas, or wood, metal or glass.  You might just print inexpensively locally and frame it yourself - frames are available everywhere, from Target and home stores to speciality stores and thrift shops!

The sky is the limit - and you control what you want!  Make it as easy or as detailed - you have the art and go from there!

Our canvas works are all produced in the US by our partners and shipped directly to you! All are "canvas wrapped" so the edges include the artwork and don't need to be framed!

So browse our ETSY STORE which has everything available, or check out the highlighted work on our store here.

About:  Kathy Heshelow studied art when young, lived in Paris for 16 years and studied art history there while creating work.  While she has professionally followed other paths, she has now launched her work to sell. More will be coming as well - including abstract mosaics for outdoor living areas.